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About PCLab

PcLab was founded from a deep passion for the IT industry. Our aim is to help young people find their way in the maze of IT career choices by making informed decisions. The courses we offer cover a wide range of topics that will assist anyone who wishes to further their knowledge in the Information Technology space.

Whether you are just starting to dabble in hardware maintenance, or you find yourself elbows deep in a computer as you read this, we have you covered. We hope you will choose us as your tour guide on the road to IT success.

Troubleshooting 101

If you have ever wished you could fix common computer problems yourself, this course is for you. On completing this three-day course, you will be able to fix your dad’s WIFI or help your grandma with her printer that never seems to work.
The table below shows the topics that will be covered each day.


· A basic introduction to hardware and software

· Deconstruct and construct a PC

· Startup problems

· Task Manager

· Basic networking

· Printers

A Professional perspective


· What happened yesterday?

· How do I find out what the problem is?

· Solving the problem

· Basic PC building tips and tricks

· Construct a PC from parts

· Boot and run programs


· Bring your own PC/Laptop

· Connect your own PC

· Let’s do some maintenance:

Cleaning, dust kills


Uninstall bloatware

Proper file structure


Let’s have some fun

This course is aimed at 12 – 16-year-old students that like to tinker with computers. Anyone is welcome to join but the structure of the course will be aimed at this age group.

We are currently expanding our course library. Please follow our Facebook page for updates on new courses. 

Your tutor for this course will be Jaco Bezuidenhout. A full-time teacher with a love for IT ensures that he has the skill set needed to serve as a tour guide through the maze that is Information Technology. 

Language disclaimer 

The nature of all things IT is English. Seeing that we live in a predominantly Afrikaans town, prepare yourself for some good old language soup. “You rekenaar sal nie BOOT sonder MEMORY of ‘n CPU nie.”   

Contact for availability and more information: